Security cameras can be an essential asset to protecting your property. But don’t rely solely on them; combine them with other active security measures for maximum effect.

Be familiar with local laws regarding CCTV use. These may outline how long footage may be kept and who has access to it.


If you’re planning to install CCTV at either your home or business premises, finding a reputable and affordable provider is key to ensure top quality services and the best experience. Before making a final decision on which provider to hire, be sure to evaluate their past projects and client testimonials; any reputable business will have no problem providing references for their work.

Installation of CCTV cameras on your premises can act as an excellent deterrent against criminals, in addition to providing you with valuable surveillance footage for use by police in solving crimes. Not only can it let you monitor who enters and exits, but this form of monitoring also enables you to see who’s present on your property at all times and can give an idea of who may be loitering about.

Professional CCTV installation services in Glasgow will be able to assess your security needs and advise you on the most cost-effective options, from wireless or wired systems, vulnerable areas on your property and optimal placement of cameras for maximum coverage.


When selecting a CCTV service provider, always review customer feedback of each company to identify which offers the highest level of reputability and services. Furthermore, get quotes from several providers to compare pricing and services offered.

Installing CCTV to deter crime can be an invaluable way of protecting your home or business, but placement needs to be carefully thought through; according to studies, criminals tend to avoid properties with visible surveillance cameras more easily – an expert Glasgow CCTV installer should know exactly where to place them for maximum efficiency.

A good CCTV installation company should meet both your requirements and budget constraints, which is why selecting one on price alone should never be your sole criteria for choosing an installation service provider. Doing so may result in greater long-term costs. Instead, opt for an established Glasgow CCTV installation provider with proven experience instead.


When it comes to CCTV systems, you require a service provider that offers top quality monitoring services in order to get maximum value from your system. They should also offer advice and assistance when choosing the ideal CCTV system suited for your requirements; including whether or not a wired or wireless solution would best meet them.

Criminals know they’re being monitored, which makes the presence of CCTV cameras an effective deterrent against crime; estimates put its ability at preventing burglaries at up to 65%. CCTV not only acts as a deterrent; it can also provide vital evidence in aiding law enforcement identify offenders. Often CCTV operators work directly with law enforcement to identify intruders and support their arrest – which has an enormously positive effect on how incident are prioritised by police – something known as the Visible Verification Effect (VVE).


When selecting a CCTV installation company in Glasgow, experience is of the utmost importance. Doing so will ensure your system works as desired and offers security benefits you require. One way of finding out whether an organization has extensive experience is through looking at customer testimonials.

Britain has invested vast public and private funds in open-street CCTV surveillance systems with the intention of reducing crime and fear thereof, yet this may not always be true – some studies indicate an increase in crime due to implementation.

We used a cellular automaton model to simulate the effects of different strategies for CCTV and improved street lighting on street crime in Glasgow. A text file with variables representing crime rates across Glasgow postcode areas was then imported into NetLogo agent-based modelling platform to simulate each possible combination of CCTV/street lighting strategies on crime rates in each postcode area of Glasgow.