Home Security in Glasgow

Our high-tech house alarms, combined with our surveillance solutions, provide all-rounded protection to your property. At any hint of risk, the home security system notifies you and your family members.

Here are the features included in the home security system that we offer:

Fire Alarm

Our state-of-the-art fire alarm detects smoke and heat to notify you early. So you have ample time to alert fire emergency teams and minimise the damage.

Carbon Monoxide

Our house alarms are equipped with sensors that help detect odorless carbon monoxide. So, whether there is a fire, a blocked HVAC system, or a blocked dryer releasing carbon monoxide, the alarm will detect it so you can resolve it before it causes irreplaceable damage.

Forced Entry

If you’re getting a system installed for a shop or a public area, you cannot possibly see everyone who passes the door. In this case, our alarms can help you detect forced entry. Then, you can immediately call for help.

Instant Alerts

With our alarm, no intruder will go undetected. Here’s all that our home security company in Glasgow offers:

  • You will receive a notification the moment any unauthorised person enters your property premises.
  • The intruder alert helps you detect car thefts if parked within the area that the surveillance covers.
  • You will also get a notification when a delivery person comes to your doorstep, so you can see how they place your parcel on the doorstep.
  • Check when your children come home.
  • Check whether your part-timers are delivering what they promise.
  • It rules out any possibility of false alarms, so you are not getting unnecessary notifications.
  • Get notifications via push notifications, SMS, or phone calls.

House Alarms in Glasgow

Glasgow is one of the cities in the UK where there is a significant number of car thefts and house robberies. So, it is critical that you get a house alarm in Glasgow to protect yourself, your family, and your belongings from damage.

Our house alarms, in addition to the surveillance footage, allow you to prevent theft. You can register for up to 5 members to register with us to receive notifications. So, everyone stays in the loop.

You can also report any instances of theft and forced entry with proof. Therefore, it can help you restore any belongings that have been stolen or get compensated for the damage.

Who Needs This?

You need a high-tech, sophisticated alarm system if you:

  • Want to ensure that your house is safe from carbon monoxide and fire
  • Want to make sure that your part-timers or employees are working efficiently
  • Want to get notified when anyone steps on your property
  • Want to get a recording of intruders, irresponsible delivery persons, and vandals to report them to concerned authorities.
  • Want to prevent theft and forced entry into your house
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