Fire Detection in Glasgow

Your house is never entirely risk-free when it comes to fires. There are multiple ways that a fire can ignite in a house with people or even in a house with no one inside.

Your dryer vent, plugged-in appliances, and HVAC systems are the most common fire causes. While a fire cannot be prevented in many cases, efficient fire detection systems can undoubtedly minimise the damage.

Our high-tech, early-detector fire alarm system allows you to stay worry-free when you are not around. The detector detects smoke, heat, and even carbon monoxide to detect fires and notify you immediately. This way, you can notify the fire department to rush to the place to control the fire.

Here are more benefits that our fire detection system can offer:

Fully Integrated System

Our fire alarm and CCTV systems are not standalone security features. Instead, they are fully integrated to allow you a visual when you’re alerted of the fire. This way, you can determine the state of the fire and what level of help you need to call for.

Your CCTV cameras can also detect human movement through their intelligent motion detection (IMD) system. As a result, you can quickly notify those in the house to control the fire or vacate the premises in cases of emergency.

No False Alarms

Our team of engineers has perfected our advanced system. We make sure that you are notified of the fire in a heartbeat. Our system reacts to real danger, so you can rely on the notifications to alarm you when there is really an emergency.

Monitor the System Remotely

Even if you’re not at home, you can monitor what the motion detectors and sensors catch in real-time. In addition, the fire alarm can notify you of the spread of the fire, so you know where to direct help.

Need Bespoke Fire Detection in Glasgow?

We have a range of equipment to meet your fire detection needs. A commercial kitchen, for example, has a certain level of heat that low-quality alarms cannot distinguish from actual fires.

We understand that your and your property’s needs are different. Therefore, our bespoke solutions eliminate the possibility of false alarms, cover your entire property, and even separate alarm systems for a large facility.

You can contact us with your requirements, and our team can get back to you with a quote. If they cannot quote you a price, they may ask you to allow for a site inspection so the team can better understand your security needs and recommend the best solution.

Who Needs This?

You need a high-tech access control system if:

  • You value the health and life of your loved ones
  • You have had a fire before and would want to secure your house and your family from damage from another fire event.
  • You want to get notified of any fire danger in a heartbeat to minimise property and asset loss
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