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Your house is only partially secure with just a couple of CCTV cameras. However, our access control systems ensure that there are no unwanted intruders in your property.

Apart from the high-quality live coverage on your smartphones, tablets, or desktops, access control is the first line of protection in securing your house.

Here are all the benefits that an access control added to your home alarm system can offer:

Fully Integrated System

Our access control and CCTV systems are not standalone security features. Our professional team of alarm engineers in Glasgow allows us to offer you a fully integrated system.

When your CCTV cameras detect human movement through their intelligent motion detection (IMD) system, they prompt the system to push notifications on your smartphone. The access control prevents the unknown person from forced entry into the house while alerting you all this time.

When the person is at the door, you will receive a notification. Combined with the CCTV coverage, you can allow or disallow the person from entering.

Biometric Access

Biometric access through fingerprint scanning allows you to secure your house from hackers who might have cracked the code somehow. Biometrics, therefore, adds an additional layer of protection from unwanted intruders.

Monitor the System Remotely

Even if you’re not at home, you can monitor what the motion detectors and sensors catch in real-time. This is perfect if you were expecting a delivery or a part-time employee. Combined with the CCTV system, the access control system allows you to see who is at the door and their activities in the proximity of your property for any unusual activity.

Need Bespoke Home Alarm Systems in Glasgow?

We have a range of equipment to meet your security needs at home or commercial property. Since every property and property owner’s needs differ, we offer a bespoke solution.

You can contact us with your requirements, and our team can get back to you with a quote. If they cannot quote you a price, they may ask you to allow for a site inspection so the team can better understand your security needs and recommend the best solution.

You can customise your requirements based on the following:

  • The number of doors equipped with access control
  • The type of access control – biometric, ID cards, or keypads
  • The number of CCTV cameras
  • The type of CCTV cameras

Who Needs This?

You need a high-tech access control system if

  • You live in a place where there are a lot of break-ins.
  • You have had a break-in before and would want to secure your house and your family from another break-in.
  • You want to ensure that vandals and intruders know they will be caught on camera if they step on your property.
  • You want to monitor who is visiting the house while you are gone.
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